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If music be the food of love

HV4K Music

HV4K Music is now available for purchase, streaming, and viewing.  Our music is all about spreading good vibrations in the hearts and minds of kids and adults through positive lyrics and simple and very catchy music and melodies. Each song centers on human values and reinforces the lessons taught in our Adventures in Human Values™ children's books.  Further, each song will eventually have an accompanying music video that brings our Adventures in Human Values™ characters to life and strengthens the themes taught in our books through beautifully produced cartoon animations.

Adventures in Human Values Song

Courage Song

Courage Song Cover Art

Teamwork Song

Teamwork Song Cover Art

Caring Song

Kindness Song

Kindness Song Cover Art

Forgiveness Song

Forgiveness Song Cover Art

Compassion Song

Compassion Song Cover Art

Self-Confidence Song


Listening Song

Listening Song Cover Art

Sharing Song


Love Song

Love Song Cover Art
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