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One small moral story can change the world

MISSON: Human Values

MISSION: Human Values is the newest book series from The Human Values 4 Kids Foundation!

Join Agent James Benevolent AA7 as he searches everywhere for examples of human values.

He’s got wit. He’s got style. But, most important of all, he’s got the vision to see human values. Armed with just his super-powered glasses and peace and love in his heart, his investigative powers are unmatched. He can spot human values a mile away and will go anywhere to find them!

He also has an uncanny ability to tell a story through whimsical rhymes that are simply captivating. Add to this the profound life lessons taught and beautifully illustrated black-and-white pictures, and we have the makings of a modern-day classic.
Children and parents alike will love these books and gain valuable insights that will remain in their hearts for years to come!

Paperback, hardcopy, and e-books are now available for purchase at the HV4K Creations store @

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