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The Human Values 4 Kids Foundation

changing the world one heart at a time

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108 Children's Books with Positive Messages

The Adventures in Human Values™ children's books are based on simple, yet powerful stories centering on human values. Each book is beautifully illustrated and contains positive messages for kids to help them become heroes and change the world around them.  There are 12 Adventures in Human Values™ series in the entire collection with 9 books in each series for a total of 108 books.  


Best of all, these values-filled books can be read for free!

"If we are to change the world for the better, then it must begin in the hearts of our children."

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About Us

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The Human Values 4 Kids Foundation was founded upon the principles of Peace, Truth, Righteousness, Nonviolence, and Love, with a simple motto to change the world one heart at a time through universal human values that apply to all people at all times in all places.

Watch this video to entitled ‘We Are HV4K’ to learn more about us.  You can also read more here.

Characters with Character

The Love Man

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The Love Man is the unofficial spokesperson for HV4K and the inspiration for innerVision TV. His job is to help clarify the principles upon which HV4K was founded, bring them to life through his unique blend of human values prose and urban poetry, and share his inner vision for all things human values.

Watch this video of The Love Man’s debut in the promo video for innerVision TV from back in 2013!

The Adventures in Human Values Kids

The nine characters below are HV4K's messengers, who indirectly teach as they learn valuable lessons about good character, virtue, morality, and human values in our Adventures in Human Values™ books.

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The Human Values 4 Kids Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity in the United States.  EIN:  20507401


CONTACT:  E-mail: | Phone: 1-916-284-1750 

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